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Preserve is a local store beside Hildegard's bakery on Portage and Maryland. We carry products made by Manitobans, 90% of them female entrepreneurs.

"Preserving real food and our local economy."

- Kim Bialkoski, owner.


All About Us

Flora & farmer believes it’s the little things in life that bring the most joy.
A fresh bouquet of flowers, the warmth of the sun on your skin in the spring, the perfect cup of coffee, or a luscious spread, bursting with flavor on your morning toast.
We believe in whole, real food, and preserving heritage cooking traditions with an inspired edge. We focus on balanced flavours, and quality ingredients with sustainability and your health in mind. We source local foods and organic or naturally grown whenever possible, and never use added preservatives.
We work in smaller batches, combining fruit with complimentary flavor profiles of herbs, spices and and a modest amount of sugar, honey, or Canadian maple syrup and lovingly cook it down and reduce it to a luxurious, fruit-forward spread.
Owner/chef Kim Bialkoski was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has been passionate about food with an appetite for knowledge and a DIY attitude since she was a child. This, combined with her love of the outdoors naturally led to an enthusiastic interest in gardening and after a bumper crop in cucumbers one summer decided it was time to teach herself how to preserve food. Her first attempt of crock pickles was a revelation, and an obsession was born. Not stopping with pickles, Kim learned how to make spreads, relishes and sauerkrauts, thrilled at the ability to use her creativity and create new flavor combinations. As the jars in the pantry piled up, Kim was asked to participate in a farmers market where her products earned such positive reviews that she was motivated to move forward and make her hobby a business.
You can find the growing line of flora & farmer products at farmer’s markets and more than a dozen retailers in the Winnipeg area. For a fresh addition to your grocery list check out flora & farmer, delightfully daring preserves that your grandma never made.


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Winnipeg Manitoba

204 221-1383


Winnipeg Manitoba

204 221-1383

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